Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Sony's New Second Life Clone

Check out Home, from Sony. (The article calls it "Third Life" which is misleading at best.)

Briefly, it's like Second Life, without the user-made content, without creation tools, but with voice, great HD graphics, a free house, and doubling as a lobby to access multiplayer games. PS3 only.

It's not out yet, and while the video looks great, I have to wonder if people will actually choose to visit it as an end in itself. There's certainly not much scope for a thriving economy without third-party development. I'd like to think the graphics provide a sneak peek at Second Life v3, though.


Blogger good_slytherin said...

It's nothing like SL... SL has a whole world for you to explore, while in home, you are limited to... get this, 4 places.

The loading times are horrible, and you can't do even 1% of what you can in SL...

7:46 AM

Blogger master said...

well of course, this is a console version of a computer mmorpg. besides, it looks more like Keneva, (another crappy SL clone) then Second Life.

1:20 PM


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